Day 3 - Eynsford to Vigo Village - 14 miles

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Hop fields

The route keeps getting more rural


For whatever reason, this was my favorite kind of stile. This one leads to a path crossing train tracks.

     St. Mary's, Kemsing. Legend has it that the four knights who murdered St. Thomas Becket rode through here. Its door bears the marks of centuries of pilgrims who knocked their staffs against it, seeking entrance. Another legend says it is haunted by one of the knights.

Door of St. Mary's

     Detail of a pilgrim staff mark. This door was really special because it put you in a kind of direct physical contact with those who came before you. You could see and touch their influence and presence.

Door of St. Mary's

     Much of the route was lined with berry bushes, which were great for a snack but thorny for those times I had to press into them to make way for a passing car.

St. George's, Wrotham. The oldest church in England dedicated to her patron, St. George.

Interior of St. George's with your intentions. The church stands on a 10th-century church site.

My little cabin I stayed the night in at Vigo Village.

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