I wanted to find a nice red lapel pin of the heart and cross, but did not have any success. I decided to create a design and have them made.

I would like to make the extra pins available for sale. They are cloisonne enamel with a nickel border and a polished finish. The color is a true red–the color you see on the jacket photo is more accurate than the close up.The back is a standard military clutch. They are 0.75in/1.9cm tall. They look especially nice on a jacket lapel, ballcap, or bag.

They are available for $6.50 for the first pin, $4.00 for each additional pin (the cost includes shipping within the United States – we can work out something if you’re outside the US). Please send me a message through this site if you’d like to order one or more!

The pins are sold out. I will update this page in the future if I get more. I am including the original design image should anyone wish to use it, gratis:

3 thoughts on “*Sold Out* – Heart and Cross Pins for Sale”

  1. Hi. I am writing to seek some information. I have seen a couple of priests in different liturgical situations. They were wearing the wooden symbol of the “heart and cross” around a cord. I was not able to ask them about it or where the were
    able to get one. Would you be able to assist me in that. Thank you for your time and response. Fr. Pat McNamara

  2. aside from the inscription on the Passionists’ badge, this does not seem to differ much from the Passionists. Could something be done to make it more unique?

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